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Fashion Luxury Patek Philippe Grand Complications Replica For Sale

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For Revolution, the story of this creation began back in November 2016, when our founder Wei Koh met with Mr. Manzoni andheard firsthand about his impact on Ferrari in his six years with the brand and, of course, aboutFerrari'spartnership with Patek Philippe Grand Complications Replica.

Wei Koh asked Mr. Manzoni, at the end of the interview, the following question: "Ferrari has strong connections to Patek Philippe Grand Complications Replica, and we know that you and the design studio have been collaborating on a special watch for Ferrari's 70th anniversary. Could you please tell us more about this?

The response from Mr. Manzoni was: "We always welcome the opportunity to transfer the Ferrari DNA,Richard Mille Replica Watches our design approach, to another category product; in this instance, a watch that's characterized by an extremely complicated and sophisticated movement.

It was great to see this project begin. Jean-Claude Biver, Ricardo Guadalupe and I met for a kick-off. We opened the doors to our modeling studio and they saw the LaFerrari model thatwasunderconstruction."

The designer then described the design process further, saying that "The initial idea was for a watch with an aerodynamic shape." And I told him, "Please don't make that mistake." LaFerrari's aerodynamic language comes from certain needs and goals. It would be too rhetorical to just repeat the same thing over and over again. Too banal.'

"But, if we were to create a watch, I believed we had to first understand the engineering concepts behind the device before we could decide on the right shape to convey to seamaster replica I was struck by the similarities between the LaFerrari engine and the KERS [Kinetic Energie Recovery System] behind its gear box. This is also the same as the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Replica masterpiece watch movement's incredible language.

"So, I suggested that we display the engine in the same way as we do our cars. The engine of the movement would be a jewel under the glass. We used a curved sapphire in a similar fashion to the rear screen at LaFerrari.

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