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Hight Quality Iwc Big Pilot Replica For Sale -

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Since December 14, 1972, no humans have been to the Moon. Captain Eugene Cernan was the last person to wake up on the surface of the moon. He was the commander of Apollo XVII. Omega has created a Speedmaster Moonwatch “Apollo XVII” 40th Anniversary Watch to honor the 40th anniversary. This distinctive model, with its advanced technology and commemorative style, is limited to a symbolic number of pieces (1 972). It celebrates the human ingenuity which led to the fantastic discoveries made in space.

IWC Big Pilot Replica dial that is hand-patinated and embossed in the exact replica of the Apollo XVII patches. On the image above, you can see the profile of a man, the memory of Apollo,IWC Big Pilot Replica planets, and the American Flag. The images have been beautifully executed to blend in with the rest. The readability of the chronograph counters has been reduced, but it's less important this time than the artistic impression.

The diameter of the 42 mm case is nicely polished stainless steel. Like the original Speedmaster, the bezel has a black disk with a tachymeter-scale. The legendary Omega 1861 Caliber is housed inside the case. The hand-winding mechanism was the perfect choice for the Buzz Aldrin Moonwatch. It is highly resistant to corrosion and oscillates with a frequency of 21,600 vibrations an hour. The power reserve is 48 hours.

NASA's Apollo 17 Program, which ended in December 1972, was particularly successful because astronauts covered the longest distance with the Lunar Roving Vehicle. They also returned the most soil and rock samples. Eugene Cernan was the commander of this mission. He also took part in Gemini IXa in 1966 and the Apollo 10 mission back in 1969.Breitling Avenger Replica But Apollo 17 is his greatest professional achievement, as he's still known for being the "Last Man on Moon". The words "DECEMBER 14 1972", "APOLLO XVII", 40TH ANNIVERSARY", and "limited number" are engraved in the case-back.

IWC Big Pilot Replica were used on all six lunar landings. All six lunar landings were equipped with Speedmaster Professional watches. The most famous of all is, without a doubt, the one which survived Buzz Aldrin's epic walk on the Moon surface in 1969. The Swiss watchmaker launched the Speedmaster Apollo 11 Limited Edition "40th Anniversary", three years ago to celebrate the fourth decade since the first person left footprints on the surface of the moon.

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