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By means of coaching, we attend professionals and executives in individual processes of leadership and personal transformation, easing them in their learning processes and looking to create new interpretations that allow to take different actions in the organisational context.

We focus our job in the resources people have for creating actions engaged to their development and aimed to promote their skills and ability to act efficiently in their working life.

How do we carry it out?

Coaching conversations, on-site and online, with an integrative, ontological and cognitive approach which allows the candidate, along with the use of assessments, to see in himself and detect improvement opportunities within his labour context.

When to use coaching?

– To improve performance
– To promote leadership
– To overcome leader difficulties in his team
– To enable the transition of a professional to a new position


Organisational consultancy is a useful professional service which provides support to senior managers of different companies in order to identify and outline the main problems that affect their institution, so as to meet their aims and goals. We start with the recognition of the problem and then we carry out a series of actions in order to eradicate or improve it as of a proper implementation.
Consignia offers this service to all companies by means of qualified professionals who provide assistance in an objective and independent way to each client in order to identify the management or technical problems and so analyse and propose solutions to those problems and also contribute, if requested, in their implementation.

The counselling consists of 3 stages:

1) Outlining the problem: this part consists of a series of individual interviews with the most relevant people involved in the issue so as to collect all the necessary information and determine which type of specific counselling is needed.

2) Assigning a specialist: a professional will be assigned according to the type of problem which was identified. He will carry out a study about the matter of concerned and then present his conclusions and a working plan.

3) Tracking of the working plan: supervision in the plan implementation in order to solve problems or clear up doubts during the course of action. (Optional)


The reallocation of labour programme, in light of termination, was developed as an alternative to traditional Outplacement in order to assist people with their future prospects during their process of job transitions.

Our proposal is oriented towards the personal leadership development so as to transform downturns into development opportunities. Our experience in Executive Coaching allows us to implement an unconventional view when thinking about the future of those who transit the process of termination.

During these processes we offer the person a space where new possibilities can be considered and so accomplish oneself in order to come up with the necessary resources enabling the creation of a new project or the reallocation to a new activity. Likewise, we collaborate providing our Executive Search Team, which accompanies this process with a close follow-up towards a strategy of action layout by means of concrete aims, displaying possibilities and alternatives of action in nowadays market.



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